Compliance Waiver

For All Grayson Galore Event Participants and BAM Fit Clients

This is a Release to Participate in Activity or Event

I Hereby acknowledge that I have voluntarily chosen to participate in one or more physical exercise or fitness activity or sport programs (“Programs”). I acknowledge (i) the nature of the risks of particular programs in which I have chosen to participate, and (ii) the strenuous nature of those programs. I understand, for example, the risk associated with physical injury, abnormal blood pressure, heart attack, and even death, as well as the risk associated with any organization or individual involved in providing or promoting any classes, functions, Programs, testing, or other activities in which I participate.

By signing this document, I assume for my health and well-being expressly as the other risk associated with participating in the Programs, including, but not limited to the negligence of any organization or individual participating or involved in providing or promoting any classes, functions, Programs, testing or other activities. I also hereby release waive, discharge and covenant to sue any class instructor, organization, sponsoring, testing, or other activities in which I participate at any time, from any and all demands, liabilities, losses, or damages (including death, bodily injury, or damage to property) caused or alleged to be caused by the negligence of any of the foregoing people or entities.

I have read and understand this waiver and express assumption of risk. I have also read, understand and will adhere to all guidelines and policies in regard to this Program in which I am participating. This waiver and release shall survive the term of any agreement related to this Program

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